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Employed Position: Sincerely workshop administrators
Jobs: Sincerely workshop administrators to understand the industry knowledge and experience, can bear hardships, systemic treatment, interested parties contact telephone: 0596-8357575 Mr. Zhang
Employed Position: Sincerely salesman
Jobs: Sincerely salesman, requires knowledge of industry, have the working experience, foreign language, systemic treatment, interested parties contact telephone: 0596-8357575 Mr. Zhang
Employed Position: Human resources strategy

1) according to the enterprise business development strategy, personnel requirements detailed forecasts

Enterprise's various departments at all levels in accordance with the requirements of the job management system for the future annual position requirements and staffing prediction based on position requirements.

2) analysis of enterprise human resource stock situation, personnel supply forecast

Based on detailed analysis of enterprise internal and external human resources condition, reasonable to predict the future human resources supply scale and trend.

3) the balance of supply and demand analysis, puts forward the safeguard measures of supply and demand

On the basis of the analysis of the situation, found that the real problems of enterprise human resources, realize the balance of supply and demand guarantee measures are put forward. Need to support the superior enterprise or group headquarters, submit proposals.

4) to establish the enterprise core talents evaluation standard, career planning and the core talents

Core talented person in the group under the framework of evaluation criteria, combined with the industry characteristics and development phase of this enterprise determine the core talent evaluation standard of the enterprise, and establish special files for the core talents, to design and planning for their career development. Subordinate companies at various levels do not necessarily have to carry out the work, generally in group 2 enterprise human resource planning include this part.

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